Rhonda Fuller H.H.P., R.Y.T., R.K.C. II

Rhonda has been involved in the exercise,strength,nutrition and healing industry for over 25 years. She attended International Professional School of Bodywork where she became a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner and began studying the human being as a whole, not pieces and parts as much of the Western culture currently embraces. With her background in exercise and nutrition, a more well rounded approach began to transform herself and the clients she works with. Rhonda feels that the body, the mind and the soul are inseparable and undeniably related. A human being cannot exist harmoniously without addressing the all the components that create the Human experience. A person seeking change must have a honest calculation of their whole self. These qualities should be taken into account when seeking change. It may be as simple as weight loss or as complicated as exercise rehab, however one thing holds true in every case, each person is unique. They are an expression of what they have been thinking, eating and how they have been moving (or not moving). Rhonda's style of program design differs from many that are popular today. She individualizes programs by looking at the whole person, encompasses several different approaches combining a individualized approach to her clients needs. 

Since it is evident that there is no separation of these entities, Rhonda's programs may create change unfounded by conventional exercise and nutritional programs.